New Zealand Work Permit Assessment

By filling in this form you can determine your eligibility to enter New Zealand under the Work Permit class.

A positive assessment does not guarantee visa eligibility, it means you satisfy the basic criteria required by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

To be eligible for a New Zealand work permit, you must either be an employer in New Zealand offering a position to a migrant worker, or an employee outside of New Zealand with an offer of a job from a New Zealand employer. If you are hoping to migrate to New Zealand but do not have a job offer, please apply using the Online Skilled Assessment instead.

Please note: John Mason in conjunction with Visa Systems can only help applicants with this type of visa who currently reside in the UK or Ireland

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Prospective Employment

 If you are an employer in New Zealand offering a position to a migrant worker OR an employee with an offer of a job from a New Zealand employer, please tick here.

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